Monday, September 23, 2013

1# Traing with Senec

Geographic possition: Southwest Slovakia
area: 38, 71 km2
population: 17 289

schools: 10
number of young people: big number

first written reference: year 1252


GOD knew about this city long time before and in His sovereign plan He placed "His" people
 so they would go and share the good news

We've spent this weekend /sept 20-21/ in a training mode. Yes, Fusion family is getting bigger. Senec is on board!!! There is a need for equipping, listening and encouraging. I believe that I can write on behalf of whole Fusion Slovakia that it's a pleasure for us to observe this team and their hearts. My strongest experience from yesterday was how we sought God's will and instead of praying for successful Fusion we prayed for the lost young generation in this city! 
We worked hard, ate, sipped coffee, we were serious, we laughed.

 We also took few students with us on this training and they helped with bringing real life stories connected with FUSION.
please continue to, pray together with us for
open doors
ready hearts

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New fusion start at SENEC

Dear prayer warriors, I want to let you know that after few visits to Senec, after the Exit tour (my last post), we are having 1st. training for their leadership team. THIS is our 3rd church within last 2 years of this ministry in Slovakia.
There will be some 20 people also from our existing fusions in Banska Bystrica and Bratislava and of course our FUSION SK team.
Please pray especially for Senec team that they are open and ready to hear the HOW of this specific ministry.
We start tomorow Friday and finish on Saturday evening.

As you can see on the map there is Fusion in Prešov starting in 2014. Please pray that the time between now and summer 2014 is time of creating the team and that church would be ready to welcome lost teenagers in their not only fellowship but also lives.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Exit TOUR in Senec - SK

The goal of EXIT Tour is to help schools provide lectures about the problems teenagers face daily, how to live a healthy lifestyle and to share true life values. The good news message about salvation is also clearly extended. 

EXIT Tour is a weeklong program designed for high schools in a particular city that involves mini concerts of English band Faith Child, as well as quality lectures of experienced and professional speakers from Germany, Czech, US and Slovakia. The lectures focus on different prevention areas, such as sex, drugs, alcohol, love, family, community etc. This time in Senec we (Darina, Josh, Mark and Amy and Draho) as FUSION have had our presentations as well.

During the EXIT Tour week in a city, there are three to four schools hosting the program, different afternoon activities for the students organized by local churches, and a Friday concert for approximately 600 to 800 hundred people with clear invitation to the Gospel message. The key element for EXIT Tour is cooperation among local youth groups that follow up with students at so called EXIT clubs.
Prayer time with the churches involved in Exit Tour.

Volunteers prayer time just before the start of day 2.

The Gymm and Exit Tour start on students arrival.

Fusion lecture for the class. Singing part.

Students discovering creativity in them.

Search and Rescue

KPM 2013 in Žilina, Slovakia
It was a rainy Friday in Žilina, Slovakia, but that did not deter 342 students from going out into the city, onto the trains, and into the villages to Search for those who were lost and offer to them the way to be Rescued. "Search and Rescue" was the theme of this year's KPM, the annual Slovak youth leaders' training conference put on by JV Slovakia's KOMPAS team. The conference was a time of training these leaders to be bold in sharing their faith, and as part of the training, they were given the chance to put into practice everything they were learning. Here is a video of that day when the participants in the conference were sent out in teams to share the Gospel with people all around the city and nearby villages.

KPM 2013 Video - If English captions don't appear, click on the "CC" and turn on English subtitles.

This year's conference was special because we had 20th anniversary - praise God.
Another reason why it was special was because I had my 39th birthday celebration through it.
And one more reason was that my son Oliver helped me lead worship on the final day of our conference. I cant even explain the feeling but it is very deep sense of thankfulness.
Josh and I leading - FUSION workshop

Leading worship with Oli.

Leaders of Slovakia

Opening conference with Maruška and Peter.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Training of FUSION teams

Dear friends,
Long time no word. There is a lot great happen so much that I have not had even time to share it. Thankyou for praying and giving faithfully.
I am back and propose you to pray for us. The reason is our training of our two existing Fusion teams. We are also having two new churches observing it and searching the possibility of starting Fusion ministry in their church.

So here it is Tommorow 15th at 18:00 local time we will start our training and end next day in the evening.
29 participants representing 4 Slovak local churches.

The names of Banska Bystrica leaders and future leaders>

1. Josh Howard (teacher)
2. Draho Poloha (teacher)
3. Zuzka Polohova
4. Dada Fabikova
5. Ben Kilbri
6. Vierka Kubincova
7. Jarka Kusnierikova
8. Jan Ferencik
9.  Monika Ferencikova
10. Pata Swietonova (Fusion student)
11. Mata Vachova (Fusion student)
12. Chris DeBruin
13. Dorka Pristiak (new team member)

The names of Bratislava leaders and future leaders>

14. Darina Mala (teacher)
15. Stella Kurucova
16. Mark Chase (Teacher)
17. Ester Kriskova
18. Jana Janotkova
19. Tomas Hlava
20. Veronika Kralova
21. Laura Ozoganyiova (Fusion student)
22. Richard Janotka (Fusion student)
23. Tereza Kralova (Fusion student)
24. Sarah Oliver (new team member)

The visitors and leaders  of Dolny Kubin church Fusion>

25. Ivka Jurakova
26. Kristína Ondrejkova
27. Zuzana Melicherčíková

The visitors and leaders  of Bernolakovo church Fusion>

28. Mirka Turcárová
29. Paťka Turcárová

The babysitter and teacher >
30. Kohutova Evicka
(children: Johanka, Oliver, Viktor,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Bratislava FUSION rehersal

Just Returned from first Fusion Rehearsal in Bratislava (our second Fusion).
My heart is rejoicing. We have had 24 students and there was a great energy among them. The bratislava team have done great job to meet students and offer them a new place of belonging. We even had police stop by to check out the "noise" (one of the neighbour invited them) but have soon left after they saw a great thing going on.
When Gods people obeys Gods desires things might get complicated as well but it is also great indication that we are doing right thing. I was reminded again that we do have authority over enemy and we should stand up in the name of Jesus Christ remind him of victory we have in Christ.

Here are few photos from last night:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Going in to the word of GOD using Exit 316 materials

We had our first Fusion - Exit meeting today. There were three girl-students and two girl-leaders :). At first we watched the first EXIT movie. It dealt with the question whether there is another world beyond what we can see physically - a spiritual one. We all agree there is. Then we decided to spend some more time together at McDonalds. We had a lot of fun and I think it helped our friendship, too.
This was our first bible study with our Fusion friends in Banska Bystrica.

Dnes sme mali prvé stretnutie Fusion - Exit. Stretli sme sa dve vedúce a tri dievčatá. Na začiatku sme si pozreli prvý diel seriálu EXIT. Zaoberal sa otázkou, či existuje aj iný svet ako ten, ktorý dokážeme zmyslovo vnímať - duchovný svet. Všetky sa zhodujeme v tom, že existuje. Potom sme sa rozhodli presunúť spoločne do McDonaldu. Dobre sme sa zabavili a myslím, že to znova posilnilo i naše priateľstvo.
Toto bolo naše prvé oficiálne Biblické štúdium s našimi priateľmi z Fusion Banská Bystrica.